The most badass on-chain NFTs

From the deepest part of Ethereum, Edgehogs are huffing their way towards the Metaverse. They are shameless, badass, edgy as fuck and full of blockchain magic.

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    Generated and permanently stored on-chain. No IPFS, no pre-generated images, only code.


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    Each edgehog is randomly generated at the time of mint from 190+ badass traits of different rarities.


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    Delayed 1/1 spawn: after public mint is over, 10 random edgehogs will turn into unique Edgendary Edgehogs, then more Edgendaries will gradually spawn until the end of mint - every edgehog has a chance to become a legend!


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    Fluid rarity: after public mint is over, you can reroll any of your edgehogs for 0.01 ETH. Total number of rerolls is capped at 1,000 for the whole collection. Can you roll a rare?


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    You can name your edgehogs on-chain for free (only gas) to make them even more unique and badass!


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There is something special about Edgehogs

Edgehogs is a highly experimental project pushing the boundaries of NFTs and built by blockchain enthusiasts for blockchain enthusiasts. Edgehogs' smart contract is smarter than your momma, and it's free to use by anyone.

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    Fully on-chain, 100% decentralised: all images and metadata are generated at the time of mint directly from the smart contract and are permanently etched on the blockchain. Very few projects dare to do this, because it takes some real effort (and ETH to deploy).


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    On-chain animations: all edgehogs are animated, as well as some rare traits. You don't see this often.


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    Extreme gas optimisation: Edgehogs use advanced ERC721A standard that allows to save a lot of gas on mint, on top of that the generation logic is elegant enough to make minting edgehogs cost considerably less gas fees compared to other on-chain projects.


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    Unrivalled resolution: many SVG-based on-chain collections struggle to render correctly on Apple devices due to technical limitations. Edgehogs found a way to show in full size no matter what.


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    Unique utility: owners will have access not only to private alpha cahnnel and exclusive raffles, but also a channel dedicated to weed growing techniqies and tips provided by a professional large scale grower and weed connoisseur Stanksy.


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    Sharing is caring: the contract code is neat, well commented and free to use by fellow blockchain enthusiasts. We encourage the community to learn and build!


Roadmaps are useless. Things move so incredibly fast in NFT space, that any of the flavor-of-the-day 'utility' could render obsolete any moment.


Instead of a binding roadmap, there is a vison to advance Edgehogs into the Metaverse and beyond through integrations in existing metaverse projects, expanding Edgehogs ecosystem and ultimately becoming a web3 brand.


What shape the road to that goal will take? We are excited to discover it together with the Edgehogs community as the NFT space continues to evolve.



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